The esteemed Fresno High neighborhood is a charming and unique community located in central Fresno, California. It is home to Fresno High School, which is an architecturally historical campus that has been around since 1882, lending the entire neighborhood its name. 

Fresno High is popular among many young individuals looking to start out in their first home and families who have been in the area for years. Many of the people who live in the Fresno High neighborhood say they will never leave the unique charm and character the area has to offer.

The history of Fresno High

The Fresno High neighborhood is located in the heart of Fresno, California. It was once home to the only grammar school in all of Fresno, hence the dedication of its name to the entire community. Fresno High School was originally opened in Downtown Fresno in 1882 and was eventually relocated to Central Fresno (currently the Fresno High neighborhood) in 1922.

Homes in the area were first established around 1908 and many others were built throughout the 1940’s-1950’s, giving the neighborhood a unique sense of charm. Fresno High has always been a highly sought-after neighborhood, offering a mix of large mediterranean estates, unique tudors and charming bungalows.

The unique homes of Fresno High

Homes in Fresno High are very well-manicured with each home boasting its own unique style, making it a popular choice for those looking for homes with a charming character all its own. Although many of the homes were built in the early part of the 1900’s, most have been renovated over the years. There is quite a unique sense of history and charm in the neighborhood, which is what makes it such a highly desired area. The average price of a home in Fresno High currently sits around $315,000, which is still a fairly affordable price point given the current state of the housing market in California. Even though many homes in the area may still need updates, many have been renovated to match trending design styles while still showing off their historical features.

What locals love about Fresno High

Fresno High is a very social neighborhood. Not only are the residents extremely involved in the community and with one another, there are also many local businesses that residents go out of their way to support. It’s not uncommon to see locals walking their dogs or taking their kids out for a stroll, conversing with neighbors over a cup of coffee at Kuppa Joy or artisan ice cream at Ampersand. There is undoubtedly a strong sense of pride and community in the Fresno High neighborhood, making it a top choice for those who want a quaint and safe neighborhood to live in.

Another perk of the Fresno High neighborhood is that it is centrally located, right in the heart of Fresno, making it easily accessible to Fresno’s top entertainment and amenities. It is also very close to the Tower District, which is a popular place to hang out. Since Fresno High is surrounded by many other eventful communities, residents enjoy the neighborhood activities that happen within walking distance throughout the year. 

Many younger generations are flocking to this area and opening small businesses and buying homes in the neighborhood. Residents love to see the new businesses that are being created on a monthly basis and business owners love opening shops in this area because of the high foot traffic and community support.

Key highlights

  • Homes range from single-family homes to multi-family homes
  • The average price of a home in Fresno High is approximately $315,000
  • The average size of homes are 1,100 square feet, however, there are many much larger estates in the area
  • The landscaping in this neighborhood is well-maintained
  • Each home boasts it own unique charm and character
  • Homes in Fresno High are often in high demand
  • The neighborhood as a very strong sense of community 
  • Fresno High has a total of approximately 55,340 residents 
  • The community occupies a space of about 8.5 square miles
  • There are a variety of different business, including restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and specialty shops

Things to do in Fresno High

There are numerous activities around the Fresno High area. Some of the most popular things to do include:

  • Neighborhood walking tour, walking around to see all of the beautiful homes that adorn the neighborhood
  • Annual community events and celebrations like street parties, block parties, and coordinated neighborhood cleanups
  • Every Spring, the neighborhood puts on block sales where a designated street participates each weekend
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and popular neighborhood coffee shop Kuppa Joy
  • During Fresno’s summer months, Ampersand Ice Cream sure does hit the spot!
  • If you’re in the mood for some great eats, Moto Delicatessen and Bodega and the original Quesadilla Guerilla are just a short walk away


Fresno High has various quality schools to choose from. The Climate School Score of the area is 86.2 which is a very strong ranking, additionally, Fresno High School has been ranked #2 in California and its graduation rate is 89 percent.

Elementary schools

Residents have the choice of various schools, including Heaton Elementary and Dailey Elementary Charter School, a public charter school focused on top-notch education. The neighborhood is lucky to have Dailey Elementary within such close proximity. The school is known as one of the top schools in Fresno and has a rating of 9 out of 10 stars on

Fresno High

Fresno High School is the crown jewel of the neighborhood, especially since this is where it got its name! In addition to its stunning historical architecture, the school offers top-notch quality education with a graduation rate of 89 percent. In addition, there are various unique services offered, including vocational programs and general academic programs like math, science, and writing. The city also brings in several experts from all over the world to talk about current topics. Fresno High School has a reputation for being an innovative campus and setting the bar high for its students and their future.

Fresno City College

Fresno City College is a high-quality A-rated community college. It is part of the larger State Center Community College District, which has various campuses in neighboring cities. Together, they form very strong curriculum options for those looking to advance their skills and careers. The college offers students programs in the liberal arts and sciences, health, business, and law. Fresno City has a graduation rate above 80 percent.

Neighborhood safety

Fresno High has a well-coordinated neighborhood watch program, which is comforting if you are concerned about safety. Every block of the community has a designated “block captain” and if there are any issues or concerns, they will be able to provide you with advice or resolution. While the crime rate of Fresno High is fairly low, these extra measures make it an extra safe place to live. Data reports that the community had only had one violent crime reported in the last year. In addition, Fresno High is also an exceptionally safe place for women to live. According to a recent study, 93 percent of women said they felt very safe living in this neighborhood.

Why the Fresno High neighborhood?

The most common response to this question is because it is a very family-friendly neighborhood and an extremely charming and safe place to live. Not only that, the homes in the area are absolutely beautiful! There are also numerous activities to enjoy, like walking, riding bikes and spending time outdoors with your family, friends and neighbors. There is undoubtedly a strong sense of community among the residents of Fresno High. Also, as previously mentioned, the schools in Fresno High are quite excellent, making it a great place for parents to invest in their children’s future. Finally, the cost of living in this neighborhood is still relatively low, while the homes are charming and quite spacious. Let’s just say that you get a lot of bang for your buck in Fresno High!