If you are looking into buying a home in an exclusive neighborhood, Harlan Ranch is a great option. Harlan Ranch is ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Clovis, California, a suburb of Fresno, California. It is located about 8 miles northeast of Old Town Clovis, in a semi-rural area with stunning views of surrounding foothills and mountain ranges. If you decide to purchase a home in Harlan Ranch, you will undoubtedly live a remote, yet activity-filled lifestyle in this private and gated community.

The history of Harlan Ranch

The area where Harlan Ranch was founded was originally a portion of a massive Spanish land grant. The region was first settled by early arrivers in California who were part of the infamous Gold Rush. As part of the Spanish land grant, the area has kept true to its roots, which is why there are vestiges of the original Spanish-style homes in the area. Although most of Harlan Ranch consists of newer developments that still pay tribute to its past, some of the older homes date back to the early 1900’s.

The Harlan Ranch area was originally developed in 1936, as a subdivision of land owned by the Weller family. The property remained in the hands of the Weller’s until it was sold to developers, who subdivided and started to further develop the area in 1988.

The unique homes of Harlan Ranch

Harlan Ranch is a master-planned community with over 1,500 homes. Each home is unique in its own way, however, one common characteristic is the Spanish-revival style that pays tribute to the area’s historical past. While new homes are built in the area, there are now about thirty historical homes that have simultaneously been restored.

The construction standards in Harlan Ranch are extremely high which is also reflected in the price of the homes. The houses in Harlan Ranch range in size, design and price with the average house price at $649,000. The homes are built with the best, high-quality and most durable materials, such as adobe brick and stucco exteriors. Each home is designed to last and meet modern design trends with custom interiors and high-end finishes. Homes in Harlan Ranch are highly sought after; once the houses are complete, they sell very quickly, and some even sell before completion. 

Harlan Ranch is filled with breathtaking homes surrounded by stunning views of the surrounding foothills and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range. Beyond the beautiful views, there are also many community areas to enjoy. The development was specifically designed to promote outdoor living and activities.

What locals love about Harlan Ranch

First and foremost, residents of Harlan Ranch absolutely love the beautiful mountain views. The surrounding mountains are absolutely majestic and residents love waking up to them every morning. The unique style of the homes in Harlan Ranch are also a favorite resident feature. While the homes are all built to be uniform and cohesive under the master plan concept, each home is still unique in its own way.

Harlan Ranch is a well-maintained and a wonderful place to call home. The residents are very friendly and willing to go above and beyond to help one another. The community has adopted a culture of maintaining their homes and the common spaces to a very high standard. In short, residents of Harlan Ranch take great pride in keeping the community a safe and vibrant neighborhood for everyone to enjoy.

Harlan Ranch is an extremely safe neighborhood filled with activities, including live music, movie nights, horseback riding, hiking, and various other outdoor activities. There are also numerous open spaces and parks throughout the community.

Key highlights

  • The Harlan Ranch development area dates back to the early 1900’s
  • It is a master-planned community with over 1,500 homes
  • The average price of a home is $649,000
  • The average home size is 2,788 square feet
  • The community has a population of approximately 3,000 people
  • Harlan Ranch covers approximately 7 square miles
  • It is 8 miles northeast of Old Town Clovis
  • The are is surrounded by beautiful mountain views
  • There are many open spaces, parks, and green areas for residents to enjoy
  • The houses have been designed under a master plan to ensure cohesiveness, but still have their own individual character
  • Harlan Ranch homes are built with durable materials, making for long-lasting structures

Things to do in Harlan Ranch

There are various activities available in and around Harlan Ranch. Here are some of the top activities:

Multiple parks and outdoor recreational spaces

Harlan Ranch is home to eleven parks (yes, eleven!), each with green open spaces and custom playgrounds for children. They also have picnic tables and barbecue grills for adults to enjoy. In addition, you can find a horseshoe pitch, various ball fields, and more.

Attend community-hosted events

Harlan Ranch hosts various community events throughout the year, such as live music, movie nights, barbecues, karaoke, and more. These events are a great way to spend time with your family, friends and neighbors.

Harlan Ranch Fresh Market

Popular for their “Mid-week” Eats event, which takes place every Wednesday from 5-9pm at the Harlan Ranch Community Center. You can find fresh food from local food retailers and growers as well as tasty baked treats and various artesanal products.

Junior Olympic-sized pool

Harlan Ranch has a 24-foot Olympic-sized pool, which is perfect for both children and adults to enjoy on a hot summer day. Many young children also take swimming lessons here.


When it comes to schools, this neighborhood has several stellar options:

Bud Rank Elementary School

Bud Rank serves children from preschool-6th grade. The school has a great track record with an overall rating of 9 out of 10. It has an amazing staff, who genuinely care about their students and their achievements. The school has a high advancement rate, making it a popular choice for many locals.

Granite Ridge Intermediate School

Granite Ridge is a public school that serves children between 7th-8th grades. It has a population of 1,284 students. The school has an overall rating of 10 out of 10 and has an extremely dedicated staff that works hard to ensure that every child learns and succeeds. The academic progress of students who attend Granite Ridge school is quite impressive, thanks to its highly-trained staff. It has modern facilities and makes it a top priority to keep up with the current trends in education. 

Clovis North High School

Clovis North is a public high school that serves over 2,500 students. It has an overall rating of 10 out of 10, thanks to its highly-qualified teachers and staff. It also has advanced facilities and the best tools in the industry, promoting ultimate success for its attendees. Some of the school’s most notable achievements include the fourth highest test scores in the nation, also  achieving outstanding recognition from Fresno State University. The student-to-teacher ratio is also worthy to mention, currently sitting at about 18 to 1. It also has a variety of high-quality sports offerings, clubs, and activities for students to take advantage of.

Neighborhood safety

Harlan Ranch is an extremely safe and secure neighborhood. Due to its remote location and gated access, the crime rates in the area remain very low. Therefore, Harlan Ranch is great for families, young children, and seniors alike. In addition, the neighborhood has 24-hour on-site security and cameras which adds to its overall safety. Although crime in the area is almost non-existent, these extra measures help keep it at bay.

Why Harlan Ranch?

If you are looking for an exclusive, upscale community to call home, Harlan Ranch is a great option! It is a remote and quiet neighborhood, however it is also close enough to restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment options if you have the itch to get out. Besides its stunning location, surrounded by gorgeous mountain views, it is also a great and safe place to raise a family. Harlan Ranch is extremely family-friendly and the residents of Harlan Ranch are always willing to lend a helping hand to one another.