Tesoro Viejo is a large, master-planned community located just north of Fresno in Madera County, California. The development sits right between the two cities of Fresno and Madera, both being twenty-three minutes from Tesoro Viejo.

Tesoro Viejo has an unbeatable layout and offers an unique lifestyle. It is known for its gorgeously constructed homes, resort-style amenities, coffee houses, clubhouse, and eatery. It also has its own onsite school, fire and sheriff stations, and vast open spaces,  including miles and miles of trails. 

Tesoro Viejo is surrounded by stunning views of rolling hilltops and mountains that are ideal for hiking, biking, jogging, and running, or just sipping your morning coffee and taking it all in!

The beautiful, unique homes of Tesoro Viejo

Tesoro Viejo is made up of nine different residential villages with a total of approximately 5,190 homes. Each home has different design options and sizes to ensure balance and uniqueness throughout the community. Available floor plans vary and there is really something for every taste and budget. 

The Tesoro Viejo “Farmhouse” design was introduced as a way of honoring the rural agricultural roots of the region. It incorporates twists to traditional style, giving the architecture a modern touch. The wide range of designs encourages the blending of different generations and provides various home options for interested buyers to choose from.

What locals love about Tesoro Viejo?

The most unique thing about Tesoro Viejo is its topography: a combination of wetlands, arroyos, and rolling hills. The community also has direct access to the San Joaquin River. When you live in here, your surrounding environment will be filled with options for ample outdoor activities, and a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.

The homes in Tesoro Viejo are connected via numerous trails. The trails are well-planned and make it easy to access available amenities throughout the neighborhood. It’s not uncommon to see residents outside enjoying the views and outdoor activities throughout the community.

The Hub is the central location for activities; complete with a health center, fire station, sheriff substation, coffee bars and eatery. It is home to the AXIS Coffee Bar and Eatery, a perfect spot for meeting up with friends or enjoying coffee with the family. These amenities become especially nice for those living a busy lifestyle and want to come home, relax and not have to worry about searching for options far from home. Convenience is key when living in here! 

If you are an outdoor enthusiast,  you will definitely enjoy. The walkways are lined with beautiful trees and landscaping that give residents plenty of shade for a long walk or taking their dogs for a stroll. The sidewalks are linked to various open spaces, neighborhood parks, and recreational areas. If you venture out far enough, you will find yourself amongst beautiful remote trails and rolling hills.

Key highlights

  • Approximately 5,190 homes 
  • Consists of nine residential villages, a town center, and a business park
  • The homes come in different designs and sizes and can be fully customized for each buyer
  • Access to Little Table Mountain, San Joaquin River, and beautiful rolling hills
  • Over 3 million square feet of land is set aside for non-residential development that includes healthcare facilities, restaurants, shops, and offices
  • Sits on a 1,600 acre piece of land
  • An easy-access walkway and trail system that makes moving around the community easy
  • 400 acres of land occupied by recreation facilities, neighborhood parks, and preserved and passive natural open spaces
  • An event lawn used for community gatherings and functions
  • A very social and safe neighborhood for you and your family 
  • Beautiful landscaping

Things to do in Tesoro Viejo

Tesoro Viejo is full of things to do for all ages and interests. Here are some of the most popular things to do:

Visit The Hub

The Hub is a welcome center with information on everything you need to know about living in the Tesoro Viejo community and its constant development. It also has an itinerary of community events, trail guide flyers, and neighborhood brochures. You can also grab a coffee or a quick bite at AXIS Coffee Bar and Eatery while you’re here.

The Ranch House

The Ranch House is a large recreational center that is a neighborhood jewel. It has a heated swimming pool, club room, fitness room, two spa pools, and community fire pits. It also has a multi-purpose room with an outdoor living room and prep kitchen. It is the perfect place to host an event! The Ranch House gives you the experience of a resort; fully equipped with various recreational services.

Tour the trails

The trails cover more than fourteen miles. The trails are well-designed and planned into the full community experience. It is not uncommon to walk outside your front door and take off on an outdoor adventure. You will see many residents outside walking, cycling and playing with their pets. 

Sunday Farmers Market

Every Sunday, the community hosts a Farmers Market where you can purchase fresh, local produce, giving you easy access to food that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Elementary schools

Tesoro Viejo has its own elementary school. Yes, you read that right! Hillside Elementary school is directly on the property, which makes for an easy commute for residents of the community. Also, the children get to go to school with other kids from the community, making for a close-knit experience. 

Hillside Elementary serves students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The school is at the center of Tesoro Viejo, making it very convenient for students and parents. It has received various awards from the California School Board Association and multiple distinctions in academics and athletics. It has dedicated staff and teachers to ensure the students succeed in their education.

High School

Many high school students in the community attend Minaret High School. It is an award-winning high school and an Apple Distinguished Campus. It is well-known for high academic achievement status.

Neighborhood safety

The Tesoro Viejo community has solid security and safety. It has its own sheriff’s substation and fire station. The community also has an excellent neighborhood watch program. Since the Tesoro Viejo is very close-knit and in a remote location, crime is virtually non-existent.

Why Tesoro Viejo?

Tesoro Viejo is a wonderful option in the Fresno area. It offers beautiful, natural scenery and a tranquil lifestyle. If you wish to be surrounded by nature, outdoor activities and a close-knit community, it is a great option to consider.

The residents are very friendly and welcoming. Everyone watches out for one another and feels responsible for the safety and growth of the community. 

It is one of the few communities in the area where commercial spaces, recreation centers, office spaces, parks, and private residences are all designed together; Tesoro Viejo is truly a community where you can play, work, and live your best life.

Get in touch with our agents at The Dehlan Group today if you are interested in exploring homes in Tesoro Viejo. It is one of our favorite developments in Fresno and we can vouch that you will love its layout and resort-style amenities!