Houses for sale in Fresno, California

We all have different priorities when it comes to buying a home. The process of buying real estate can be quite complex and can take time to complete the transaction, making it easy to get off track. That’s why The Dehlan Group recommends hiring a qualified Fresno, CA real estate agent to guide you through the process and make sure your priorities and needs are met. Our agents will make sure your dreams of owning a home are not lost in the process!

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What to look for when purchasing a house?

Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions and investments most people ever make. That’s why it is wise to remain aware of your initial goals throughout the process before making such a large/long-term purchase. It’s not uncommon for people to get caught up in their emotions and regret their purchase later.

Below are a few items The Dehlan Group recommends paying attention to when buying a house:

Curb appeal

When purchasing your dream home, the home should ideally reflect your lifestyle and taste as much as possible. It’s important that you are happy with your purchase!

Depending on your interest or ability to maintain the property, you should pay attention to all aspects of the home’s build as well as the expectations within the neighborhood. You should also verify whether the roof, decks and/or patios are in good condition. Checking out the landscaping is also important so you know how much maintenance is required. Don’t purchase a property with mature trees if you’re not looking to maintain them, it can be a  costly annual expense!

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Decide how many bathrooms and bedrooms you need and find a house that matches your criteria. Make sure to review the listing for proper information on square footage, lot size and any city regulations should you decide to modify later. Consider your future plans and whether or not you will need more room in the future. If you have a family, or are planning to have one, consider how large your family may grow and whether the house will be comfortable and big enough for everyone down the road. Having enough space for your lifestyle is important when making such a large commitment. 

Lighting and windows

Be sure to check window age and how much heat or light they are allowing in. While natural lighting can help save money on energy, it can also have the reverse effect by letting too much sun in and increasing indoor temperatures. Ultimately, more heat means a higher electric bill – especially in Fresno, CA! Make sure that you are satisfied with the amount of natural light or temperature in the living space or be prepared for the cost to fix any issues. 

The kitchen 

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you want to make sure that the space and options meet your needs. Many buyers end up remodeling their kitchen to get exactly what they want, but if you are on a tight budget, it means you will have to wait to upgrade until a later date. While waiting sounds okay in the beginning, over the years it can cause complications and some unhappiness with the home. Sometimes minor modifications can be made to get by until the budget is available for a full remodel. 

The neighborhood

It is important to pay attention to the neighborhood you are buying into. A good neighborhood brings a sense of community and safety while also giving you enough space for privacy. It is also important to not just consider the house and its immediate surroundings, but also surrounding services such as the closest police station, fire department, hospitals, schools, and shopping centers.

The location

As mentioned above, location is one of the most important things to look at when buying a house. You can change almost everything about the house you purchase, but you cannot change its location. When house hunting, consider its proximity to your workplace, traffic, noise from neighbors, and ease of access. Also, think about public transportation and access to parks and other recreational facilities. You want your home to be in a convenient and safe location, adding to the overall ease of your lifestyle.

The site

Beyond the immediate location, it is also important to consider the building site. If the home is built on a hill, does it have tons of stairs to climb? This can get really tedious after a while, especially when carrying groceries or heavy items. Is the yard suitable for pets and kids? Are you in a fire or flood zone? If you plan to be in the house for a long time, think about how your accessibility needs might change as you age. All of these things are important to consider when making a long-term investment.

How to buy a home (step-by-step)

Determine whether you are ready to purchase

Buying a house is a major investment and before taking such a huge step, you need to be sure that you are ready to be a homeowner. Consider your income and employment status, debt-to-income ratio, credit health, liquid assets, and willingness to live in one place. Also, think about the amount of money you will need to spend maintaining the home. Repairs and annual maintenance can be costly expenses and it is very important to take these things into consideration. 

Calculate how much you can afford to spend on a house

Once you confirm you are ready to purchase a home, you should spend some time determining your budget. Calculating your income and current debts (debt-to-income ratio) can help you come up with a reasonable figure that you can afford to spend each month on a mortgage. You will also need to budget in property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. It’s important not to get in over your head when purchasing a home.

Down payment and closing costs

A down payment is a large one-time payment the buyer makes during the initial purchase of the home. The down payment mitigates the loss that can occur shall the borrower default on the mortgage. 

Putting a down payment of at least 20% can help you gain equity at a faster rate and also save on private mortgage insurance (PMI). PMI insurance helps protect lenders against losses on the mortgage should you default on a loan with less than a significant down payment. Equity is important when purchasing a home, and a large down payment helps you get there quicker.

You should also be prepared for the closing costs and any realtor fees (both buyer and seller) associated with the loan. The closing costs will depend on your lender and the type of loan. Our qualified agents at The Dehlan Group can help guide you through this process and make the best financial decisions for your budget. 

Deciding on the best mortgage for you

Before applying for a mortgage decide the type of loan that best suits you. There are various types of home loans available, including conventional loans, VA loans, FHA loans, and USDA loans. All types of loans have different structures and associated fees, so it’s important to review all of the terms before agreeing to the loan.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

If you are approved for a home mortgage, your lender will “pre-approve” your loan and provide you with a letter that states how much money you are approved for based on your income, assets, and credit rating. You can then provide this information to your real estate agent to help you find a home that fits within your budget. 

Finding the ideal real estate agent

A Fresno, CA real estate agent is the primary person who will represent you throughout the entire home purchasing process. An agent looks out for your best interests in terms of houses that meet your criteria, price paid, and repairs. Once you find the perfect home, your real estate agent will help you negotiate price and submit formal offers.

Our agents at The Dehlan Group are skilled and qualified to help you close on your ideal home. We have earned the trust and respect of many clients and our mission is to make sure you have the smoothest home-buying experience possible. 

House hunting

Once you are prepared to look for a home, The Dehlan Group will help you search for houses within your budget and preferred style. Once we have a list of homes to present to you, you can decide which home(s) you would like to visit in person. Visiting houses in-person is an important part of the buying process so you can get a feel for the neighborhood and the home and decide whether or not it fits your needs. 

Make an offer

Once you decide on your ideal home, we will write and submit a formal offer to the seller’s agent. The letter will include details about yourself and the price you are willing to pay. It will also give the seller a deadline on when they need to respond to your offer.

Home appraisal

A home appraisal determines the current value of the house to make sure that it is on the market for a reasonable amount. Your lender will require an appraisal since they cannot lend you more money than the value of the house.

Perform a home inspection 

Should your offer be accepted, a home inspector will then go through the property to determine any issues. The inspector will inspect the electrical systems, go through the basement and/or attic, make sure that all major appliances are in working order, examine the roof, and make sure everything is up to code. During this process a pest control service will also check the home for any issues such as termites in the home or surrounding structures, such as fences.


After the home inspection, the seller may be required to correct any of the problems the inspector found. The seller might opt to not perform the repairs and reduce the costs from the home price so you can repair the issues at a later date yourself. However, it is often advised to require the seller to fix the issues before you close as costs can sometimes add up to much more than originally quoted or anticipated. 

Closing on the your home

Once the above process is complete, the seller will provide you with closing disclosures indicating what you need to pay to close on the property. This process also summarizes all of your loan terms and details. Once you agree to all of the presented terms and sign off, you are the proud owner of your new home!

Should you purchase a home?

Home ownership is one of most people’s biggest dreams and priorities. There are multiple benefits to owning a house, as long as you are prepared for the associated costs. Becoming a homeowner not only allows you to own a home that is all yours, but it is also a smart financial decision as you begin to grow equity for years to come.

If you are ready to take the leap and purchase your first home, a secondary home or an investment property, our agents at The Dehlan Group are here to help! We have the skills and knowledge necessary to make sure you get the best deal possible and understand the entire process as you go through it. Get in touch today, our agents are ready to get you find your dream home!