Is Fresno safe?

Is Fresno safe

If you are considering visiting, living, or investing in Fresno, California, you may be wondering: Is Fresno a safe city? With crime rates increasing across multiple cities in the state of California, this is a valid question, especially if you are planning to move your family to Fresno. We often get asked about the safety and livability of Fresno, and fortunately, The Dehlan Group has the local knowledge of everything you need to know about whether Fresno is a safe city to live or invest in.

Is Fresno safe?

Statistically speaking, Fresno is a safe place to live. Recent data revealed that in 2021, Fresno had a crime rate of 643.45 per 100,000 people which is incredibly low compared to the violent crime rate recorded in other major cities in California. Out of the 100 most popular cities in the United States, Fresno ranks number 27 and is the fourth safest city in California, trailing Danville, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Moorpark. 

Approximately 550,000 people live in Fresno, making it the fifth most populous city in California. Unlike other cities in California where crime rates are steadily on the rise, Fresno crime rates are actually reducing. As mentioned above, the crime rate recorded in 2020 was 656.69 per 100,000 people while in 2021, the city recorded a crime rate of 643.45 per 100,000. It is important to note that Fresno’s crime rate is lower than the national average, which currently stands at 722.76 per 100,000.

The crime rate in the Fresno metropolitan region currently stands at 5%, so it’s comforting to say that 95% of the metro area is considered very safe. The crime rate in the metro area in Fresno is below the national average which currently stands at 15%. This means that the chance of being a violent crime victim in the metro area is actually incredibly low.

According to experts, Fresno is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The city has recorded a 41% increase in population since 2010 and the number keeps rising. Some of the reasons people are moving to Fresno are its family-friendly atmosphere, low crime rates, low cost of living, and easy-going outdoor lifestyle.  

Fresno crime rates in 2021

  2020 2021
Aggravated assault 1460 1200
Rape 130 40
Robbery 540 480
Murder 46 44
Burglary 1854 1534

Fresno property crime rate

The property crime rate in Fresno has reduced over the years. In 2021, the reported property crime rate was 2019.65 per 100,000 residents. Also in  2021, the reported crime rate was 179.76 per 100,000 residents. The decline in the property crime rate in Fresno is largely attributed to low unemployment rates and the new and widespread use of security technology. The average property crime rate in Fresno is lower than the national average which currently stands at 2108.34 per 100,000 residents.

Fresno murder rate 

In 2021, Fresno reported 44 homicides which is much lower compared to the 46 that were reported in the previous year. In 2021, the murder rate in Fresno was 14.11 per 100,000 which is slightly higher than the national average which currently stands at 5 per 100,000 people. The good news is that murder rates are still steadily decreasing, despite the figure being higher than the national average. Experts project that the murder rate in Fresno will drop to below 10 per 100,000 by 2025. Currently, out of the 100 most popular cities in the US, Fresno is ranked 30 in terms of homicide rates.

Safest neighborhoods to live in Fresno, California

Although Fresno is generally a safe city, some neighborhoods are safer than others. If you are planning to move or invest in Fresno and looking for the safest areas, we highly recommend looking into the following neighborhoods:

Woodward Park

At the top of our list of the safest neighborhoods in Fresno is Woodward Park. According to the FBI crime report, Woodward Park has the lowest crime rate out of all neighborhoods in Fresno. In 2021, there were an estimated 299 crimes per 1000,000 people. This is by far much lower than the average property violent crime rate in Fresno which currently stands at 643.45 per 100,000 people. Woodward Park has a population of approximately 59,000 people.


Second on our list is the Southeast/Sunnyside area of Fresno, which has a population of approximately 6,677. In 2021, the Southeast Fresno area recorded a low crime rate of 124 per 100,000 people, which is incredibly low compared to the average crime rate in Fresno.


The third neighborhood on our list is Bullard. In 2021, the reported crime rate in Bullard was 250 per 100,000 people, which is less than the average crime rate reported in Fresno in 2021. Out of those crimes reported, 140 were property crimes while 90 were violent crimes, both of which (violent crimes and property crimes) are below the standard crime index in Fresno.

Is Fresno safe at night?

Since most crimes often take place at night, it is normal to wonder if you will be safe at night in Fresno. A simple answer to this question is yes. Fresno is a safe city, and most public areas in Fresno are perfectly safe to visit at night. However, as with any city, you should still be aware of your surroundings at night. It is advisable to remain informed of local trends and any activity warnings issued by the Fresno Police Department to ensure your safety.

Is Downtown Fresno safe?

In recent years, Downtown Fresno has added many restaurants, craft breweries, entertainment and housing options. With the recent growth of people living and visiting the area, Downtown Fresno’s landscape is rapidly changing. It is slowly becoming a great place to visit both day and night. However, since the area is still developing, if you are planning to visit Downtown Fresno at night, it is advisable to take appropriate safety precautions.

Why crime rates in Fresno have reduced 

Statistics show that crime rates in Fresno have been declining steadily over the past three years. Today, Fresno is 9% safer than it was 5 years ago. Here are a few reasons why the crime rates in Fresno are declining:

Reduced unemployment rate

One of the main factors helping to decrease crime rates in Fresno is the local government’s mission to reduce unemployment rates. Many companies across various industries are moving headquarters and distribution centers to Fresno, creating more employment opportunities for local residents and eliminating the need to commit crimes. 

Like many other major cities in the United States, Fresno was badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to massive job loss and unemployment rates. However, the city is rapidly recovering. Fortunately, even during the peak of the pandemic when most people had lost their jobs, Fresno still recorded impressively low crime rates.

Improved security

Improved security in Fresno has also led to a drop in crime rates. Police have increased their presence in areas where higher crime rates were recorded. The heavy use of security technology has enabled police to detect and prevent crimes before they happen. This includes the installation of CCTV, the use of drones, and much more. Also, with the rise of personal home security and camera systems, many people have taken security into their own hands, deterring crime in homes and businesses more than ever before.

Other factors that have led to reduced crime rates in Fresno include a tougher crackdown on narcotics, increased sentences for those who commit a crime, and tougher gun control laws.

Fresno is a safe and great place to live

Overall, Fresno is a safe city with low crime rates. In fact, it is among the safest cities in California along with most of its suburbs. Over the years, crime rates in Fresno have been gradually reducing and experts project that Fresno’s crime rates will drop even further over the next decade. 

If you have been planning to move to Fresno but are concerned about safety, The Dehlan Group would be more than happy to discuss options with you. We can help you choose the right neighborhood to make sure that you create a safe and comfortable life in Fresno, California.