Top real estate agents in Fresno, CA

Top real estate agents in Fresno, CA

Are you in the market for a new home in California? Getting the best results on a real estate transaction requires an incredible agent. It is extremely important to work with a qualified real estate agent who can help you find the right property and guide you through the entire process. We have included a list of our top real estate agents in Fresno, CA. 

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Amir Dehlan, Broker Associate

Amir Dehlan

Amir Dehlan
Broker Associate

CalDRE 01851777
Cell: 559-217-2120

Amir Dehlan is a first-generation American and the oldest of two children. His parents moved to the US from Iran in the 1970’s. Amir was born in Santa Barbara, but moved to the Central Valley when he was just five years old. He eventually attended Clovis West High School and later joined Fresno State University for his undergraduate degree in Biology. From a young age, he wanted to be a doctor, however, he soon realized his professional goals were changing and he decided to go into real estate.

Amir initially focused his energy on the commercial real estate sector, but with no one in the commercial sector to mentor him and very little guidance, he realized residential real estate was an immediate way to gain experience. He ventured into the real estate market when REO (bank-owned properties) and short sales were the lead inventory of the market. As a fast learner, he was quickly able to facilitate short sales and get transactions seamlessly to the closing table. Apart from having a 100% success rate, he acquainted himself with various REO agents, earning their trust and confidence. This led to his offers often being accepted over his competitors, which ultimately led to a breakthrough level of growth in his business.

During his time as a residential agent, Amir started to involve himself in commercial real estate deals. He began to develop a relationship with various commercial agents and clients. To no surprise, he quickly excelled in this field as well. He is self-taught which makes him a uniquely experienced agent with highly sought-after skills. With almost a decade of commercial sales and leasing under his belt, he earned a stellar reputation and his name cannot go unmentioned in the industry.

After acquiring his Broker’s License in 2016, Amir expanded his business to LA to work with his brother Afsheen. He joined Keller Williams Hollywood Hills while still maintaining his Fresno license. This strategic opportunity allowed him to learn valuable lessons, which would later help him to significantly grow his business.

In September 2015, Amir sold his father’s business, which gave him the chance to grow advanced skills in Business Sales. His resume and portfolio continued to grow and two years later he joined forces with his mother and brother to form The Dehlan Group. Amir eventually withdrew his license from Keller Williams and focused his ambitions on the growth of his own real estate team in Fresno, California.

Amir is now a top real estate agent in Fresno and performs real estate transactions throughout California. He has overcome various challenges, giving him the skills and tenacity necessary to excel in the industry. With his extensive experience in Residential Sales, Business Opportunity Sales and Commercial Sales and Leasing, he has an extremely unique and advanced skill set to offer clients. 

Whether you are an experienced investor or a newbie to buying and selling real estate, Amir Dehlan makes it his personal and professional goal to make sure you have the best and smoothes real estate experience in Fresno and statewide. 

Patty Dehlan, Realtor

Afsheen Dehlan

Patty Dehlan

CalDRE 01436618
Cell: 559-217-2119

California’s Central Valley is known for its affordability and rich diversity. With this in mind, Patty Dehlan moved her family to Fresno from Santa Barbara over 30 years ago. Her goal was to raise her two sons while running the family business. After her sons were off to college, she decided to venture into real estate. The year 2004 was the perfect time to enter real estate due to high demand. Within the first year, Patty had already ranked as a top marketer and producer for her brokerage.

Patty’s success grew exponentially over the years and she continued to accomplish her professional goals. Her passion became developing professional and genuine relationships with each of her clients. She often says that the primary reason she loves real estate is all of the wonderful relationships she has built along the way.

Patty had a desire for both of her two sons to follow her footsteps. Her constant persuasion led both of her boys to eventually venture into real estate. All three family members have become top producing agents and continue to have great success in California real estate. In 2015, Patty and  her eldest son Amir established The Dehlan Group. Her younger son, Afsheen, eventually joined them and helped grow the family real estate business. 

Patty says the secret to succeeding in real estate is hard work and dedication. She is extremely passionate about her career and loves helping her clients find the perfect home!

Jade Riley, Realtor

Patty Dehlan

Jade Riley

CalDRE 02080088
Cell: 559-974-8402

Jade Riley was born and raised in Fresno, California. She attended Manchester GATE Elementary, Kastner Immediate, and Clovis West High School. After leaving Fresno to work for Apple Computers in San Francisco, her love for the Central Valley and its sense of community were so ingrained in her that she decided to move back home. 

For over a decade, Jade served the North Fresno and Madera communities offering financial services for one of the region’s biggest financial institutions. She led numerous campaigns for Autism Awareness and the importance of early intervention. She also supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as The Poverello House.

In March 2012, Jade was introduced to Patty Dehlan and it was a major turning point in her life. Six months later, she became a first-time homeowner and the experience changed her perspective forever. In short, her passion for real estate was born.

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought many changes to the entire world. During this time, Jade also began to shift gears and explore new opportunities. In January 2021 she decided to take the leap and began her career as a full-time real estate agent. 

Jade is the mother of three children, influencing her advocacy for financial literacy, homeownership as well as the importance of building generational wealth via real estate. From the moment she established herself as a realtor, she closed multiple real estate deals and continues to help numerous clients understand the value of being homeowners.

When not involved in real estate, Jade makes sure she enjoys ample family time. She loves hiking and traveling with her children. The Lewis Creek in Oakhurst, CA is her favorite hiking trail and she tries to visit as often as she can!

Afsheen Dehlan, Realtor


Afsheen Dehlan

CalDRE 01838837
Cell: 310-494-8222

Afsheen Dehlan has been a licensed real estate agent for twelve years and counting. He’s represented a wide range of clients throughout California and has been involved in over 200 real estate transactions. He’s a top-producing real estate agent with vast industry experience, especially in the Los Angeles area.

With his unmatched expertise in various types of real estate, Afsheen has consistently gained the trust of his clients and has built a solid foundation within the communities he serves. He is a well-rounded real estate agent with a portfolio that includes commercial sales, residential sales, leasing business acquisitions, and dispositions, company valuations, buy/sell agreements, and strategic buyouts. Additionally, Afsheen is equipped with knowledge on funding optimization, credit requirements, and loan underwriting. He also possesses a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) license.

Afsheen provides a unique perspective on how to approach deal underwriting, investment viability, and valuations. What makes him a top real estate agent are his vast skills, attentiveness, and commitment to his clients. He consistently produces incredible results for those who have the privilege of working with him.

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